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2019 Client Workshops


Monday, August 12 – Client Appreciation Event: Lowell Spinners Baseball Game!

Watch the Lowell Spinners take on the Hudson Valley Renegades at Edward A. LeLacheur Park in Lowell, MA! The game will be preceded by a Home Plate BBQ. Bring your children, grandchildren, and other family members! 

BBQ begins at 5:30 PM

First Pitch is at 7:05 PM

Email Kate to RSVP

Thursday, September 19 – 3:00 pm ∙ Protecting Inheritances from Divorce, Creditor Issues & Substance Abuse

The most common reason for creating an estate plan is to take care of your family & other loved ones, even long after you’re gone. But sometimes taking care of a loved one means hoping for the best & planning for the worst. We’ll look at some of the divorce & creditor protection strategies available, as well as ways we’ve successfully assisted clients in planning for a child with a substance abuse issue.

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Thursday, October 10 – 3:00 pm ∙ Planning for the Massachusetts Estate Tax & The Massachusetts Standby Gifting Trust

With the Massachusetts estate tax affecting estates over $1M, estates below the federal estate tax exemption amount ($11.4M for 2019) could still incur a state estate tax bill of over $1,000,000. Saving on the state estate tax isn’t always in a family’s best interest however, especially if it means a higher capital gain tax for beneficiaries. We’ll cover techniques to lower overall estate & income tax liability for beneficiaries, shifting the focus from estate tax savings to reduce a family’s overall tax liability.

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Thursday, November 7 – 3:00 pm ∙ De-Mystifying Qualified Retirement Plans: What You Need to Know

Do you want to provide for your grandchildren in your estate plan while ensuring your children have enough for retirement? Are you confused by required minimum distribution rules? Current inherited IRA laws make it more attractive to provide substantial wealth to your children & grandchildren through proper IRA planning, keeping IRAs growing tax-deferred for decades. We’ll discuss inherited IRA strategies & the best ways to deal with required minimum distributions.

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Thursday, December 12 – 3:00 pm ∙ How to Effectively Update Your Estate Plan with Our Office for 2020

We want to ensure that each of our clients receive the maximum benefit from our client care program. This seminar will reinforce the importance of our new SAVeT SystemTM and what you should focus on to update your estate plan for 2020.

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Thursday, January 9, 2020 – 3:00pm ∙ The 2019-2020 Estate Tax Law Update

On December 29, 2017, President Donald Trump signed a comprehensive estate and gift tax law change. Although the Federal Gift and Estate Exemption increased to $11.18M ($11.4M for 2019) indexed to inflation, the law will “revert” on February 1, 2026 back to the 2018 levels (estimated to be $7M in 2026). This law change has created a temporary opportunity to save Massachusetts Estate Taxes, but is a trap for the unwary if planning is not done before January 1, 2026. We will review the new Federal Estate and Gift Tax Law, describe the Mass Estate Tax planning opportunities to potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and provide the steps needed to be taken before January 1, 2026 to minimize any potential Federal Estate Tax Liability.

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About Our Client Workshops

These educational workshops available to clients of Family Estate Planning Law Group as part of our client care program, the Family Lifetime Planning Process. As laws change or as we come across relevant topics, we may add additional sessions throughout the year. We may also alter or cancel workshops due to low attendance with notice to any expected attendees.

Our clients, their loved ones, helpers, friends & trusted advisors are welcome at any of these sessions. If you're unable to attend, but would like the printed materials sent to you after the event, please contact our office & we'll be happy to accommodate your request.

How to Sign Up

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  • Call the office at (781) 246-8200, or
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Sessions held in our office are limited to 20 participants, so reserve your seat early! If you're unable to attend in person or missed any of our in-house workshops, visit our webinar page to check out available content and watch past recordings!

If you would like to request the materials from any of our past presentations, email and we will be happy to accomodate your request.

We look forward to seeing you!

Past Events

If you would like to request the materials from any of our past presentations, email and we will be happy to accomodate your request. 

May 2019 ∙ A Little Medicaid Planning Goes a Long Way: Protecting Your Home and Other Assets Using a Lock Box

As our population ages, we hear more & more about the importance of protecting our homes & assets from nursing home expenses. While revocable living trusts don’t protect assets from creditors, an irrevocable trust (or “lockbox”) can provide asset protection during life & may protect the value of your home & other assets.

April 2019 ∙ What Should You Do After Your Loved-One Dies?

What are the first steps after a spouse, parent or loved-one dies? What should you do after the funeral services? When should you schedule a meeting with your estate planning attorney? Please join us for a new workshop where we review the questions we typically receive immediately following the loss of a family member and what you’ll need to know about the trust administration process. Learn how to avoid the numerous mistakes others make immediately following someone’s death that can adversely affect how your family gains access to your assets and increase your tax liability. Please feel free to invite your family members, trustees and/or fiduciaries to attend with you.

March 2019 ∙ The New SAVeT SystemTM: Simplification, Alignment, Verification & Tracking of Assets

At Family Estate Planning Law Group, we know the most important thing is that our clients’ families are cared for after they pass. To accomplish this, we must focus on how assets are titled at death. We’ll discuss how to ensure your estate plan works: simplification and consolidating accounts, the initial alignment of assets with the estate plan, verification of that alignment from institutions & ongoing tracking of changes in value & ownership of assets. During this seminar we will introduce our new SAVeT SystemTM, guaranteed to streamline your estate plan and reduce the stress for your loved ones.

January 2019 ∙ Veteran’s Benefits

If you or your spouse is a veteran, you may be eligible for benefits, including payment for long-term care. Local attorney Jerry Turner, an expert on veteran’s benefits (as well as a friend & colleague), will lead this workshop. Jerry will be discussing the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension and the recent changes to this benefit.  This improved pension is a benefit for veterans or their surviving spouses to assist with financial needs.  He will review who qualifies, the steps necessary to apply, and how to get knowledgeable assistance.

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