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2019 Client Webinars

Unable to join us for an in-house workshop? Join us online by registering for our webinars! If you are unable to participate, recordings of the presentations will be made available in the Past Webinars section below. Contact our office & we'll be happy to send you any materials you may need to follow along in the presentation.

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Past Webinars

December  2018  – Planning for the Mass. Estate Tax & The Mass. Standby Gifting Trust

With the Massachusetts estate tax affecting estates over $1M, estates below the federal estate tax exemption amount could still incur a state estate tax bill of over $900,000. Saving on the state estate tax isn't always in a family's best interest, especially if it means a higher income tax liability for beneficiaries. We'll cover techniques to lower overall estate & income tax liability for beneficiaries, shifting the focus from estate tax savings to a family's overall tax liability.

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November 2018  – I Like My Kids, but I Love My Grandkids – Planning With Inherited IRA Trusts

Thinking about how to provide for your grandchildren in your estate plan while still making sure your children have enough money for their retirement?  The inherited IRA laws now make it easier and more attractive to provide substantial wealth to your children and grandchildren through proper IRA planning.  Attend this session to learn about the Inherited IRA Strategy where we will discuss how to keep IRAs growing tax deferred for decades after the death of the IRA owner and help your family address the Social Security crisis.

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October 2018 – What Should You Do After Your Loved-One Dies?

What are the first steps after a spouse, parent or loved-one dies? What should you do after the funeral services? When should you schedule a meeting with your estate planning attorney? Please join us for a new workshop where we review the questions we typically receive immediately following the loss of a family member and what you’ll need to know about the trust administration process.

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May 2018 – Planning for and Managing the Impaired Beneficiary with Arden O'Connor

For this webinar we welcomed Arden O'Connor as our presenter! She is the founder of the O’Connor Professional Group, which addresses the needs of families and individuals struggling with an array of behavioral health issues. 

Arden discusses how addiction and other chronic behavioral health issues present significant risks to family well-being and wealth preservation, and recent research which suggests higher incidence of these issues within affluent communities. This presentation addresses the connection between money and addiction/other behavioral health issues, signs and symptoms of problems and how to develop an estate plan that takes into consideration the staggering likelihood of a trust beneficiary’s potential struggle as well as managing a beneficiary when the problem surfaces.

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April 2018 – Making Your Estate Plan Work: Asset Alignment, Verification & Tracking

At Family Estate Planning Law Group, we know the most important thing is that our clients’ families are cared for after they pass. To accomplish this, we must focus on how assets are titled at death. We’ll discuss how to ensure your estate plan works: initial alignment of assets with the estate plan, verification of alignment from institutions & ongoing tracking of changes in value & ownership of assets.

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March 2018 – Protecting Inheritances from Divorce, Creditor Issues & Substance Abuse

The most common reason for creating an estate plan is to take care of your family & other loved ones, even long after you’re gone. But sometimes, taking care of a loved one means hoping for the best & planning for the worst. We’ll look at some of the divorce & creditor protection strategies available, as well as ways we’ve successfully assisted clients in planning for a child with a substance abuse issue.

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February 2018 – The New 2018 Tax Law Update

On December 29, 2017, President Donald Trump signed a comprehensive law change that will impact the majority of people and businesses. This seminar will review major income, gift and estate tax law changes and how this may affect you and your family.

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